The Chapel of the Holy Shroud in Turin

The Chapel of the Holy Shroud in Turin was built at the end of the 17th century by the architect Guarino Guarini. It is symbolically located between the Royal Palace and the Cathedral, because it was a religious relic, but owned by the house of Savoy.

Guarino Guarini, architect and priest of the Theatine Order, studied in Rome and was the author of several renowned philosophical, theological and dramatic works.

In a place where, because of the soil, no one managed before to build a stable building, Guarini applied a new technique based on hexagons and opposing domes.

Guarini filled this building with a multitude of religious symbols: an image of the holy spirit, stars, geometric figures that look like crosses and nails of the cross, etc.

The Holy Shroud was in the central part of the Chapel within a special construction decorated with statues and precious metals. In 1997, the Chapel caught fire. The fire was so intense that even the marble on the floor was destroyed. Fortunately, the Shroud was not damaged because at the time of the fire it was in another room.

Currently, the restoration of the Chapel is almost complete. In the near future it will be finished with the restoration of its central part. 

We propose you to visit this chapel as part of a guided tour of Turin.

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