Museum of the coffee Lavazza

This unusual museum and its architectural complex are part of the rapid evolution of Turin. The building is known as La Nuvola (which means “The Cloud”). It also houses restaurants and the new offices of the Lavazza coffee company.

Lavazza is a brand of coffee worldwide known. The company was founded in 1985 in Turin by Luigi Lavazza.


Italian coffee is incomparable; it is produced according to very strict processes.


Italians love their coffee, without their coffee they do not seem to be able to survive even when they are abroad. The espresso at the end of the meal is a rite of obligation.


Italians themselves joke about the innumerable possibilities of coffee: ristretto (just a few super-concentrated drops), espresso (no milk and quite concentrated), macchiato (the espresso with a few drops of milk), marocchino (with cocoa), americano (no milk and rather diluted), capuccino (coffee with milk, which only foreigners drink after eating!), with ice, with Nutella, with or without foam, in a large or small glass ...


This passion for coffee is what makes the Lavazza Museum a very special destination.


The combination of passion for coffee and Italian architectural creativity come together in this museum with displays of surprising content. Its thematic facilities, interactive elements and ambiance make it unique in the world.


At the Lavazza Museum in Turin we can not only become familiar with the history of the brand, but we can also discover many interesting and unexpected aspects about the process of production and preparation of coffee (from the seed to the cup) as well as its evolution over time and its differences between different cultures.


Here we discover the various stages of processing and roasting of coffee, and we are shown modern transformation processes and its fully automated industrial production.


Also, in an interactive way we can get acquainted with exotic coffee-based drinks.


The room related to the cosmic environment transports you to a very unusual environment.


Entertaining, and at the same time shocking, is the exhibition related to the advertising of coffee. There, along with curious characters and historical elements, we even find costumes made with materials related to coffee.


At the end of the tour of the museum you can taste various types of coffee. There are also drinks for children.


Another unusual aspect of the architectural complex in which the museum is situated is that it is located directly on top of the archaeological ruins of the old church of San Segundo, a Roman legionary who converted to the Christian faith and refused to fight Christians.


The ruins even contain Roman tombs. These remains, which have been restored with great attention and are exposed under a lighting that enhances them, can be directly seen from the street, without entering the building.

This museum is one of the many surprising places that can be visited as part of an excursion in Turin.

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