Excursion - City tour of Turin

During this walking guided tour of Turin I will try to transmit to you the beauty and dignity of this city discovering its main places and sights, customs, peculiarities and unique evolution along the centuries.

Turin is a surprise not only for those who do not know Italy but also for those who are already familiar with this part of the country: Instead of narrow and winding medieval streets the city is full of wide avenues and elegant squares bordered by endless galleries (porches).

Furthermore, in Turin you can find a considerable number of unique museums and enjoy an amazing social and cultural life.

The superb estate of conservation of most of its monuments and the great number of places to visit in Turin, the first capital of Italy, deserve a special mention.

Program of the excursion city tour of Turin:

During this tour I will introduce you to the main highlights and facts of the history of Turin: from the founding of the city by the Romans to the age when it became the capital of the Italian automobile passing through the 10-century-long rule of the House of Savoy.

We will also discover the modern Turin and its recent transformation into a center of contemporary art and a cultural reference worldwide.

Turin’s gastronomic delights, such as chocolate, and Piedmont's cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

We will visit the main attractions of the city, such as (for the last three ones would have to be arranged additional transportation):


  • Roman ruins;

  • Castle Square (the heart of Turin) with the Royal Palace and the Palace of the Queen (from the outside);

  • The Church of St. Lawrence, where the Holy Shroud was initially guarded;

  • The Tower (Mole) Antonelliana, symbol of Turin (from the outside);

  • The Carignano Palace (from the outside)  and its Square, birthplace of the first king of a united Italy;

  • Piazza San Carlo ("Place Royale"), Turin’s main baroque city square;

  • The Hill of the Cappuccini with its unique panorama;

  • The Basilica of Superga;

  • The Medieval Old Town along the river PO, a surprising place that puts together Piedmont’s medieval architecture.


but I'm always happy to adjust the itinerary according to your interests.


If you wish so, we could also visit one of the historic cafes of the city, famous for its wonderful chocolate based drinks.

In Turin there is always something else to be seen; it is considered to be the " best keep secret in Italy" because everybody agrees that they did nor expect to see so many interesting places in a so friendly city. An excursion visiting Turin never lets down.

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