Basilica Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin

The Basilica of Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin was built in 1868. It belongs to the religious order of the Salesians, founded in Piedmont by Don Bosco, a follower of Francis de Sales.

With its impressive size, typical of Salesian buildings, this Basilica is an important place of Christian worship in Turin and an almost obligatory visit for anyone interested in touring the main temples of the Piedmont.

In the upper part of the Church, richly decorated with paintings based on religious themes, as well as with scenes from the life of the Salesians, you can find the tomb of Don Bosco.

The church is also famous for its underground crypt, which was closed for several decades and has only recently been opened to visits.

The crypt contains a sacred relic, a piece of the Cross of Christ stained with blood, which is compatible with the blood of the Shroud of Turin.

There there is also a large number of Christian relics coming from Roman catacombs and dated before the third century. It is assumed that they belonged to martyrs.

The Holy Cross on the marble floor recalls the vision of Don Bosco, whom in his young years the Virgin indicated where to build the Basilica.

At present, the complex of the Salesians includes even an Italian official school but, obviously, with a religious orientation.

Whilst taking a tour of Turin a visit to the Basilica and the Crypt is recommended, but for this excursion bear in mind that making a prior booking is requested.

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