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Museum of the Juventus and tour of the stadium

The Juventus, one of the most famous football teams in the world, was established in 1897.

Museum Juventus and Tour of the Stadium - Liudmila official guide in Turin, excursions -

The idea of creating a football team came to the mind of very young lyceum students in Turin who, sitting on a bench in the park on one of the autumn days, decided to create a sports association mainly a ball game that was not very popular at that time. The idea was incredibly successful.

Today in Italy there are about 11 million fans of the team, and they are supposed to be more than 130 million all over the world.

Juventus means youth. However, one of the most common names to designate it is “la vecchia Signora (the old lady)”. There are several versions explaining why this name was assigned to the team. The most common is that it is one of the oldest local sport associations. Another version - in the emblem of the team used until the 1930s resembled a fan.

Thy are called the bianconeri (black and white). It is not difficult to guess that this is due to the uniform of the team, which appeared in 1903. It was ordered to England, but it came by mistake came in black-and-white strips. They did not send them back and those remained the official colours.

The Juventus Stadium, officially called Alliance, is located in Turin. Rebuilt in 2011 (the year of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy), the stadium is a combination of the highest technologies and a sample of creativeness, expressed in an aesthetic form, repeating all over the colours and symbols of the association.

Two huge triangular pylons supporting the roof of the stadium, in the colours of the Italian flag, became the symbol of the structure. In the upper tier, the stadium is decorated with golden stars, with the names of the most famous representatives of the team inscribed in them.

As you approach the stadium it is impossible not to feel the excitement of the many fans that attend its matches; you are immersed in an atmosphere of joy and excitement.

Today, the Juventus Stadium can be visited, also from its very inside. You can stroll through the territory of the most expensive premium club seats located in the eastern part of the stadium, go to the stands and walk past the area where the President of the Association always sits. You can also go to the team's dressing rooms and be involved on the atmosphere and mood that players feel before the game, see the premises where the opposing teams meet, the rooms for press conferences with the players immediately after the matches and the hall for the official meetings of the association with the press.

The stadium is really beautiful, in white and black design, with stands decorated with gold stars (one for every ten Italian Championships won).

Not less interesting is the Juventus Museum, located in the same structure of the stadium. The museum is filled with the detailed history of the team, the evolution of this sport, the uniforms and balls, personal items of famous players and much more.

Under the sound of its anthem, numerous cups and awards are displayed in a separate room with a very special lighting. The most important matches can be watched on special screens; this really transports you to the atmosphere of the stadium the moment of the match.

Not far from the entrance to the museum you can find the largest store of Juventus memorabilia with uniforms, accessories, souvenirs, books and much more.

The Juventus Stadium is by itself a small city, which is interesting to visit not only during matches, but at any moment not only by fans but also by anybody looking for something outstanding and extraordinary.

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