The Holy Nail of Christ's Cross

You can find this venerated relic in the Cathedral of Milan (Duomo).

On the main altar of the Cathedral there is a cross, in the center of which a bright red light is lit. This is where the Nail of Christ’s Cross is kept.

For many centuries, it has been exposed to the public for three days at the end of September so that it could be worshiped. It is called the feast of the cross and at the end of the celebrations the Nail is returned to its place.

Tradition says that it was Saint Helena who found the Holy Nails of the Cross to initially put them on the horseshoe to her husband’s, Emperor Constantine, horse. This was intended to protect him during the battles.

According to the legend, the Holy Clove that is in Milan, was later on given to St. Ambrose of Milan by Emperor Theodosius the Great, who had inherited it from his ancestors.

As part of an excursion in Milan, when visiting the Cathedral it is advisable to dedicate to it a few minutes of our attention.

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