Turin Liberty

The great urban development of Turin took place in the seventeenth century, when it became the capital of the Savoy, in a baroque style with the participations of the best architects of that period.

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Later on, Turin continued to evolve and other styles, such as the "Liberty" developed in the city. Turin is recognized as one of the main cities concerning this style.

The "Liberty" in its classic form lasted from 1890 until the beginning of the First World War. In this short period it mixed with the Eclecticism, the Neo-Gothic, the Neo-Baroque and the Art-Deco styles. In Turin you can admire interesting examples of the classic "Liberty", which stand out for their elegance and fantasy.

The historical epoch of Liberty was one with many innovations that somehow reflected on that style: the industrial revolution, the emergence of photography, cinema, automobiles, European emigration to America, the doctrine of humanitarian socialism, etc. All this led to radical changes in many spheres of human society. 

The Liberty style, which depending on the country was called in a different way, took place when the gap between society and nature widened. It reflected an effort to bring art to everyday life and enhance both decorative arts and industrial production.

In Liberty, medieval motifs complemented by elegant floral ornaments and even oriental trends became fashionable. Metallic structures decorated balconies, windows and stairs. The windows were filled with translucent mosaics.

At the end of the 19th century there was very little space available for construction at the centers of European cities. That is why the "Liberty" architecture was mostly developed in what then were peripheral areas.

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This also happened in Turin, where the "Liberty" style is concentrated in what were prestigious areas such as the pre-hill of Turin, the Crocetta or Città Torino.

The Liberty in Turin has its own characteristics that make it unique and contrast it with French Art-Nouveau or Spanish or English Modernisms.

As a complement to a tour of Turin, if you have time, it would be interesting to take an excursion through this picturesque neighborhood.

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